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Manufacturers Of Industrial And Municipal Valve Exercisers & Vacuum Excavators Custom Made To Meet ALL Customer Needs.

City Utility Departments, Gas Companies, Construction Groups, Underground & Specialty Contractors Worldwide Are Among Our List Of Satisfied Customers!

Welcome to Pacific Tek

Founded nearly 20 years ago, Pacific Tek has long established itself as innovative pioneers in the Valve Exerciser and Vacuum Excavator industry.  With over 50 years of field experience, Pacific Tek founders have used their knowledge to create innovations, such as the Angled Vacuum Tank (1997) and 180° Swivel Mount Valve Operator (1999), that are too often imitated but never duplicated!  To see the influence that Pacific Tek has had on the Valve and Vac industry, all one has to do is simply look at our competitors, and quickly you’ll recognize our designs copied without restraint.  But, if you want equipment delivered with sound design and uncompromising quality from the ORIGINATORS of these innovations, you have to come see us at Pacific Tek!

The Industry's FIRST ever fixed angled transportable tank made in 1997!

If you have any questions or want to schedule a free demo at your site, we invite you to call us at 1-800-884-5551 or click here to use our convenient e-mail form.

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