Pac.Tek PV66-Skid on SWG Work Truck-LV-L

Founded in 1993, Pacific Tek has long established itself as innovative pioneers in the Valve Exerciser / Valve Operator and Vacuum Excavator industry. With over 50 years of field experience, Pacific Tek founders have used their knowledge to create innovations, such as the Angled Vacuum Tank (1997) and 180° Swivel Mount Valve Exerciser / Valve Operator (1999), that are too often imitated but never duplicated!

Pacific Tek offers several options on their vacuum excavator models and valve exerciser / valve operator units: hydraulic, gas or diesel drives and truck, trailer or skid mounted units with a variety of configurations!

The large varieties of 8 different tank sizes allows us to have a vacuum system for every budget.

Sample Pacific Tek End Users

The convenience of just grabbing the vac trailer and solving the problem in minutes is priceless.

- Bill Beaulieu, Treatment Plant Operator, Seattle Iron & Metal

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General Business:  

Phone (714) 835-3088
Toll Free (800) 884-5551
Fax (714) 835-3091


204 South 69th Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85043

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