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VACUUM EXCAVATOR accessories guide

Vacuum Pick-up Wands and Attachments

Neck down from 3” Vacuum hose to 2”, 1½ ”, and  1” diameter wand size. Allows the user to reduce the wand size for using the vacuum with more precision. 

Pressure Washer Nozzles

Three nozzles to choose from: Turbo, Spray, and Stream

VE Accessories 6.png

Turbo Nozzle

3” Part # 302-030400

4” Part # 302-0404000

VE Accessories 7.png

15 degree (spray)

3000 PSI Part # 59-19012

3500 PSI Part # 59-19009

VE Accessories 8.png

0 degree (stream)

3000 PSI Part # 59-19011

3500 PSI PArt # 59-19008

Pressure Washer Wands

Two sizes of pressure washer wand available lance is made of plated steel 

VE Accessories 9.png

3 ft. Wand

Part # 59-19016

VE Accessories 10.png

6 ft. Wand

Part # 59-19018

Asphalt and Concrete Water Cleaner

Pressure Washer wand attachment for cleaning concrete or asphault

VE Accessories 11.png

Asphalt/Concrete Water Cleaner

Part # 62-02032

Spare Filters and Hose Extensions

Air Excavation

Air Excavation is the process of using an Air Knife connected to an air compressor instead of hydro excavating 

VE Accessories 15.png


Model 4000:  Part # (Call for #)

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